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A & S Services 5716 Shadow Creek Rd. Charlotte NC 28226
Although our only location is in Charlotte, North Carolina, we provide watch repair and  service to customers from all around the United States including these major cities and states:Phoenix â�¢ Tucson â�¢ Palm Springs â�¢ Sacramento â�¢ San Diego â�¢ San Francisco â�¢ San Jose â�¢ Denver â�¢ Jacksonville â�¢ Miami â�¢ Orlando â�¢ Tampa â�¢ Atlanta â�¢ Chicago â�¢ Indianapolis â�¢ Kansas City â�¢ Louisville â�¢ New Orleans â�¢ Boston â�¢ Baltimore â�¢ Detroit â�¢ Grand Rapids â�¢ Minneapolis â�¢ Charlotte â�¢ Raleigh â�¢ Omaha â�¢ Atlantic City â�¢ Las Vegas â�¢ Reno â�¢ Buffalo â�¢ New York City â�¢ Cincinnati â�¢ Cleveland â�¢ Toledo â�¢ Tulsa â�¢ Portland â�¢ Philadelphia â�¢ Pittsburgh â�¢ Memphis â�¢ Nashville â�¢ Austin â�¢ Dallas â�¢ Houston â�¢ San Antonio â�¢ Salt Lake City â�¢ Richmond â�¢ Seattle â�¢ Spokane Alabama â�¢ Alaska â�¢ Arizona â�¢ Arkansas â�¢ California â�¢ Colorado â�¢ Connecticut â�¢ Delaware â�¢ Florida â�¢ Georgia â�¢ Hawaii â�¢ Idaho â�¢ Illinois â�¢ Indiana â�¢ Iowa â�¢ Kansas â�¢ Kentucky â�¢ Louisiana â�¢ Maine â�¢ Maryland â�¢ Massachusetts â�¢ Michigan â�¢ Minnesota â�¢ Mississippi â�¢ Missouri â�¢ Montana â�¢ Nebraska â�¢ Nevada â�¢ New Hampshire â�¢ New Jersey â�¢ New Mexico â�¢ New York â�¢ North Carolina â�¢ North Dakota â�¢ Ohio â�¢ Oklahoma â�¢ Oregon â�¢ Pennsylvania â�¢ Rhode Island â�¢ South Carolina â�¢ South Dakota â�¢ Tennessee â�¢ Texas â�¢ Utah â�¢ Vermont â�¢ Virginia â�¢ Washington â�¢ West Virginia â�¢ Wisconsin â�¢ Wyoming Where can I find a reliable place to repair my watch? We hear this question almost every time the subject of watches comes up. As most of you already know, in this day in age there are very few people qualified to work on Rolex watches. When we started our business, we felt that quality Rolex repair should be our only priority. It is true that there are countless numbers of companies, both on the internet and elsewhere, that sell Rolex watches and accessories. However, when it comes to quality service and repair, most of these companies have neither the desire nor the knowledge to help you. A & S Services is differant! We do not sell Rolex watches nor do we sell accessories for watches. We feel that by only concentrating on Rolex repair, you, the customer, will receive the best possible service at the best possible price. Therefore, whether you need routine maintance on your newer watch or a complete restoration of that family heirloom, we are your source.  Independent Service Center Specilizing In Fine Watches by Rolex â�¢ Omega â�¢ Breitling â�¢ Tag Heuer â�¢ Baume & Mercier â�¢ Patek Philippe â�¢ Rado â�¢ Longines â�¢ Movado â�¢ OthersCopyright © 2014 A & S Services All rights reserved.
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Hello, My name is Sandro Jakowczuk, owner and head watchmaker of A & S Services. I have over 25 years experience in the watchmaking industry and have been awarded the title of Certified Watchmaker 21 by the American Watchmakers - Clockmakers Institute. Instructors from luxury watch companies, such as Rolex and Omega, provide me with continuing, brand specific, education and training. Whether you have an old family heirloom or a modern timepiece, when excellent service is required, I can help. I will provide you, my customer, with quality watch service, repair and restoration. Call me with questions about repair costs or shipping values 704-340-5226 No replicas or counterfeits. Trade and wholesale accounts welcome.  EndFragment